Jagex announces new hires for a new ‘open world survival game within the RuneScape universe’


There’s something cooking in Cambridge, UK, and the smell of a developing game is wafting from the direction of Jagex, which has proudly announced several new hires who are helping to create “an undisclosed Unreal 5 open world survival game within the RuneScape universe, which aims to grow the franchise into new audiences on desktop and console platforms.”

The new hires are Senior Producer Maddie Harper, Associate Technical Director Guilhem Barloy, and Principal Technical Artist Géry Arduino. Jagex CEO Phil Mansell was naturally effusive about the new arrivals to the team, lauding their combined years of games development experience and noting that details on this upcoming title in the RuneScape universe will be unveiled soon, promising “a whole new gameplay and visual experience to the legendary RuneScape universe.”

Readers will recall that we’ve been covering Jagex’s moves to crank out a fresh title before. Hiring for an open-world survival crafting title was discovered in February of this year, while Mansell had said in a 2018 interview that the studio was looking ahead at making a “next generation MMO” that seeks to build upon what Jagex has learned from 17 years of RuneScape.

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