Lost Ark delays June update to June 30 as anti-botting efforts continue


A bit of bad news for Lost Ark players hit Amazon’s official forums last night: The studio is delaying the June update – but only by a little.

“The June Update will release on Thursday, June 30th; detailed information about the delay will be coming later this week in a larger Team Update, but we wanted to provide a bit of insight to players ahead of this,” the studio wrote. “We are still working across teams to finalize a build that addresses multiple concerns of our playerbase, primarily in terms of monetization and related systems. While this won’t be ready for launch tomorrow, the June Update will go live next week on June 30th. A breakdown of the new changes will be shared in the Team Update later this week.”

“In addition to these incoming changes, the team has also been working toward long-term solutions for the ongoing botting issue. In early June bots seemed to reach a new high in Lost Ark, so it was imperative that we focus in on getting this situation under control. While the work isn’t finished yet, recent efforts including last week’s massive ban wave have had a very positive impact in terms of culling bots from Arkesia, and we are continuing to tackle this as a top priority.”

Today’s update, referenced in the missive, rolled out early this morning; it fixes the Fever Time Event claim bug and pushes the end of the Super Express Event to July 20th.

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