Valorant adds a new map, launches a fresh battle pass, and introduces a new rank in Season 5


Yesterday saw the kickoff to the new season of play in the team-based FPS Valorant, and this fifth round of competitive play has plenty for players to dive in to. The whole season kind of has an aquatic vibe going on, you see. Hence the pun. Get it? Jokes are the best when they have to be explained.

The hallmark feature of Season 5: Act I is the new Pearl map, an underwater Atlantis-styled location that “mixes technological marvels with tactical three-lane gameplay.” This new battlefield is accessible through a map-specific queue right now, after which it will be added to all queues on July 12th.

A new season also means a new battle pass for players to climb that promises lots of shiny skins, while those who would rather focus on climbing the competitive ranks have a new Ascendant rank that sits between Diamond and Immortal rank. Finally, there’s an event pass that lets players collect character cards done up in comic book art style, and a new Prelude to Chaos skin line to collect. More details are available in the patch notes.

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