Vindictus opens the Cavern of Enmity raid and hands players free gear for the summer


The latest raid added to Vindictus features a suitably dramatic name and a lady who was sealed inside of it for unexplained reasons, and she is really cheesed off about it. That’s effectively the setup for the Cavern of Enmity, which will pit players against Cessair, a highly praised warrior who is now “a mindless revenant of rage.”

Information about this new raid encounter is a bit vague, though players will have to contend with Cessair’s ability to summon multiple blades at once to attack foes that are close and distant from her. However, players who want to take her on are encouraged to utilize “the courage to be a shield for a friend,” and “cooperation that brings everyone together.” Those who successfully see themselves through this rage-filled fight will be able to get the materials to craft a new Rage of the Rift ring item and various other items.

The raid is the highlight of the game’s latest patch, which additionally introduces the ability for players to earn the friendship of the NPC Letty, adds new emotes, and makes a few general changes. There are events happening in-game as well, such as a free outfit set to claim that grants some distinct stat boosts and the ability for level 105 characters to get free high-tier equipment.

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