And lo, Fallout 76’s Mothman event returned, and the world did tremble


The Mothman is the greatest cryptid of Fallout 76’s Appalachia — and if you’re either very lucky or very unfortunate, you might get to spot the legendary beast in your travels. However, if you want to improve the odds of a sighting, you can dive into the Mothman Equinox event, which has returned to the game through July 12th.

“Calling themselves ‘The Enlightened,’ this sect of the Wise Mothman’s most devoted followers plan to summon the cryptid through an elaborate ritual,” Bethesda said. “Aid their dark endeavors and fend off rival cultists to earn the Wise Mothman’s favor!”

The post-apocalyptic title is also holding in-game sales this week at Purveyor Murmgh and Minerva for scrip and gold bullion, respectively.

Source: Fallout 76
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