Lineage II’s latest event asks players to buy digital cookies and trade them for lockboxes


Have you ever taken part in a bake sale in an MMORPG? You’re apparently invited to one in Lineage II during its Ranking Festival event, which will let players trade in buff-granting cookies they have to buy with real money for free lockboxes. What a deal?

All that’s required is for players to purchase Real Growth Cookies for a special price of 8 Ncoin, and then trade those cookies in for a Festival Gift Box that awards a chance at boost items, equipment pieces, and consumables. On top of that, players earn points for every box purchased, which in turn grant participants Festival Coins that can be used to purchase extra items and gives top-ranked points earners additional items.

It’s worth mentioning that getting one of these Festival Gift Boxes requires a minimum of 10 cookies, and the lowest possible Ncoin purchase is $5, which grants 400 Ncoin for a total of 50 cookies. For those who have nothing better to do in L2 than light a fiver on fire at minimum, the event post grants a table of the items up for grabs.

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