Tonight’s Champions Online official costume contest challenges players with creating a mascot


What would the mascot outfit for the Millennium City Fighting Catfish look like? That’s the kind of question players of Champions Online are being asked to ponder in the game’s next official costume contest, which is centered around the theme of creating a unique mascot.

Players are invited to create a mascot based on “any aspect of the game, any company, any supergroup,” offering the usual prizes of item vouchers, a unique title, and two Dev Tokens to the top three winners, while ten honorable mentions will get two item vouchers and two Dev Tokens.

The contest is set to start tonight, June 24th, at the Powerhouse Theater at 7:00 p.m. EDT, with judging set to begin 30 minutes beforehand. Fans can also watch the whole thing live on Twitch or Facebook. Go, Fighting Catfish!

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