Global Chat: Playing TERA before the final bow


“Who in their right mind starts playing a ‘dead’ game?” asks Virtual Bastion’s Cary — right before Cary jumped into TERA just days before its sunset.

“One of the things that I like about this casual foray into free games is that there aren’t any strings attached. If I like it, it stays. If I don’t, it goes. Whether or not TERA is dying on consoles, I’ve no obligation to keep it in my library, and I don’t know that I’ll want to.”

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Parallel Context had a strangely hard time finding poop in WoW Classic: “The graphics look fantastic until you have to go hunting around on the ground for the scat and there’s no little *sparkly stars* floating above where the scat is to find it easier. Then you have a couple of options: lower the graphics until you can easily find it, create a macro you spam while running around the fields to target the scat, or utilize and addon –such as Questie– that makes the scat stand out. ”

Tales of the Aggronaut gave Diablo Immortal another round of thinking: “The gameplay feels enough like a mainline Diablo game to be satisfying. I have to give the team credit that this is a really well-crafted experience and the story helps to plug the gap between the events of Diablo 2 and the events of Diablo 3. When I say Diablo Immortal is a dumpster fire, I am not talking about the actual gameplay.”


Kaylrienne conquered a savage tier in FFXIV: “FFXIV has very little to carry you from the normal endgame content you can queue for and run easily and the higher end. Extreme trials are kinda close to this, but the ramp is still quite sharp to go from normal trials and level capped dungeons to EX trials, then a much smaller jump to Savage, and allegedly a small-ish jump from Savage to get into the easier Ultimates.”

The Ancient Gaming Noob made plans for Wrath Classic: “The idea is that players coming back for just Wrath might feel like they are behind the curve starting on one of the older servers. So why not let everybody start at level one again? Why would I even suggest this route? If I don’t want to play through Outland, why would I want to play through classic AND Outland?”

MMO Casual returned to World of Warcraft after 15 months away: “From what I’ve seen so far, it feels like they’re doing a decent job of trying to pull together and wrap up some plot strings that have been dangling out there for the last few expansions now, so hopefully things can start somewhat fresh with the next expansion.”

And speaking of returns, JVT Workshop revisited Warframe: “Morphius convinced us to get back into Warframe which I’d stopped playing in 2014 and boy, has it had a ton of updates since I last played. Better UI, nice quests and excellent songs are all part of the reason it has basically booted out Neverwinter Online as my daily MMO and GTFO from our Friday night rotation.”

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