Guild Wars 2 shares June 28 balance adjustments and WvW update progress


The future of Guild Wars 2 is being shared by the devs of ArenaNet as the team peers into crystal balls, casts bones carved with runes, and lays out a spread of tarot cards. Or they put out patch note previews and dev blogs. Honestly, it’d be cooler if they used the other methods, but I appreciate that forum and website posts are probably more beneficial for game development.

The dev blog in question talks about the team’s projects for updating WvW, sharing progress on the “litany” of bugs being attacked for world restructuring, previewing UI elements for WvW guild alliances and how guilds form those alliances, and a sneak peek at some unique weapon rewards. As for when the next beta test for WvW world restructuring will be, the devs are “becoming more comfortable moving forward,” and should tie down testing timing soon™.

In the more immediate future is a number of balance adjustments made to profession skills arriving on Tuesday, June 28th, the notes of which were laid out on the forums. Reaction to these updates has been generally sour in both the forums and on Reddit, with many primarily decrying the adjustments made to Warriors and Elementalists either through angry walls o’ text or a variety of memes.

sources: official site, official forums, Reddit. Cheers, Kinya.
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