Last Oasis pins down a July 5 date for beta testing of Season 5


Over the past couple of months, woodpunk survival sandbox Last Oasis has been banging the drum about its upcoming Season 5, springing back to life in mid-April with a new dev blog after a long span of radio silence and kicking out preview missives about the update ever since.

While those posts have been certainly informational on a mechanical level, none of them have answered the big question: When does Season 5 actually begin? The game’s latest post still doesn’t have an answer, but it does date the start of the update’s beta branch testing: Tuesday, July 5th. This beta test will help the devs gather feedback on the early game experience in the first two maps available, find performance issues, and overall stress test the game.

While the post once more doesn’t grant a date for when Season 5 is going to ultimately release, it does promise that the game’s early access build will be likely used more often than the beta branch when the season begins, as the devs will be “quickly iterating, changing and adding things as the season progresses, similar to the beta branch but at a much larger scale.” Until then, there’s a calendar date for the game’s next big step.

source: Steam
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