Riders of Icarus forges deeper into NFT territory

Are you going to HIT me?

It seems like just yesterday that all we had to worry about in patch notes was whether or not our favorite class was getting nerfed. Now, thanks to the spread of cryptocurrency throughout the genre, we have to keep an eye on whether or not pay-to-earn mechanics are spreading into our MMOs.

This is certainly the case with Riders of Icarus, which announced this past May that it was fully embracing NFTs and all the baggage that P2E involves. Valofe Global isn’t backing down from rolling around in this dream of cryptocash infusion, making stabilization changes in a recent patch to facilitate the new model. This follows the official rollout of P2E on June 15th.

If there’s any consolation here, it’s that these NFTs don’t seem to be ruining a hugely popular virtual home, as the server is already tiny. But don’t point those numbers out to Valofe, which said on June 8th, “We have received plenty of support and appreciation where Riders of Icarus took this path.”

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