Artists collaborate to create nose hair for Funcom’s upcoming Dune MMO


We’re quite hungry for any scrap of information about Funcom’s upcoming Dune MMO — or even a brief glimpse into that world. Therefore, it’s a treat to see two artists share a collaboration on a possible Captain Iakin Nefud Harkonnen created for the project. He’s not a pretty one, but Harkonnen is quite detailed up to and including unwanted growths of hair.

“During my time at Funcom, I had the pleasure to work on the early hair R&D of their upcoming project Dune,” said Share Creators artist André Pires. “The desire to create an hairstyle for Dune stayed on until my talented friend and colleague at Funcom Rui Pereira invited me to create the hair for his ‘fan art’ take on the Harkonnen Captain.”

Pereira added his own thoughts to this project, saying, “Inspired mainly by the first movie directed by David Lynch, I introduced some newer elements to give it a more modern vibe. André Pires did a great job with the curly decayed hair, brows, lashes, and even nose hairs ah ah.”

Source: Art Station. Thanks Lian!
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