BitCraft affirms it will not integrate cryptocurrencies, calling the scheme a FOMO ‘black hole’

Oh, hey.

With a name like BitCraft, it was probably easy for NFT and crypto speculators to believe the game would be angling to their side and integrate cryptocurrencies into the MMO. A blog post from developer Clockwork Labs pushes back against that assumption, intelligently explaining why it will not be integrating crypto into the game.

Ultimately, the post reasons that the mad dash to add crypto and NFTs to MMOs and gaming in general is FOMO (fear of missing out), particularly when Axie Infinity raked in a boatload of cash (a figure that has since been burned into ash). The blog also reasons that there have been enough use cases to see how adding crypto erodes the game and completely changes design, calling out how integration of crypto schemes are “disingenuous” and ignore making a game fun instead of speculative.

“This is a common enough pattern that I have a name for it: the Crypto Blackhole. It’s very enticing to go into the blackhole because you make money on the way down, but once you’re in the blackhole you’ve effectively deadlocked your game’s community and there’s no coming back out.

“The most successful and popular use case for cryptocurrency is as a tool for speculation. The thing is that speculation is fundamentally a kind of game. Why not try to make a better or more fun speculation game, rather than trying to have money infiltrate all types of games?”

In other BitCraft news, the game has provided a little lore dump for one of its travelers, Heimlich the Collector. As for the game itself, it’s otherwise continuing to make progress on development and has raked in some fresh investment. As in actual cash, not a speculative and fragile piece of funny money.

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