Neverwinter brings the Celebration of Lliira around once more on June 30


The Celebration of Lliira, the goddess of joy in Neverwinter’s setting, is set to arrive in just a few days for anyone who feels like celebrating right now. Or anyone who feels like partnering up with a spectral bear filled with a starfield, which is probably more likely right about now. But hey, you can also get a cosmic pig, or a fashion set, or dyes… there’s a lot of stuff you can get from this particular celebration regardless of your personal joy threshold. Lliira doesn’t care, whatever makes you happy.

Complete daily quests and set off fireworks to earn tokens, which in turn can be exchanged for the wide variety of celebratory items by players. Just keep in mind that you’ll only have a little time to do all of this, as the celebration starts on June 30th but ends on July 7th. So best get on the firework grind sooner rather than later if you have a bunch of rewards you want from the event, yes?

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