Embers Adrift discusses server wipes, spellcasting, crafting, and endgame in weekly livestream


It’s another week, and that means another livestream video from Embers Adrift, whose devs took several moments to talk about a variety of topics that the game’s community and testers have been talking about recently.

The first topic of discussion was about the need for server wipes, which was explained as a necessity either to address a technical matter or reset progression as a result of drastic changes. The beta’s latest wipe, for example, was needed as a result of changes to crafting. On the subject of crafting, the stream talks about how Embers is linking crafting to adventuring.

Another discussion brought up on the stream was the lack of spellcasting and magic. This was explained away by the game’s low fantasy setting and the use of alchemy to create a more “natural” form of magic without resorting to classic spellcasting.

Finally, the video talked about what endgame means to Embers, pointing out that the devs don’t like the use of the word “end” in that term since they want the sense of adventure to be continuous. This basically means new zones, new chain quests, new mysteries and dungeons to discover, and (of course) new equipment that will likely be “different” instead of more powerful. That all said, endgame isn’t being pondered too closely at the moment, as the focus is currently all about leveling.

source: YouTube
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