EVE Online shows off its latest graphical upgrades and career improvements

Zooming to the same dang nonsense.

The latest update for EVE Online is all about making the game pretty. Make it look better. Higher ship texture resolution with better compression, higher resolution on nebulae, better visuals for sites for career agents… all of that stuff is in this update as part of the ongoing project to make the game look better today than it did yesterday. Sure, you might still be experiencing the same gameplay loop of mining asteroids until your cargo hold is full and then selling all of it, but your asteroids are going to look much better now.

If you haven’t yet mastered the game’s actual gameplay loops, though, those career agents got more than just a minor visual polish. The AIR Career Program has been expanded and enhanced with new dialogue windows for players using the Photon UI and better objectives and guidance for new players getting into the game. So you can see more of what EVE has to offer aside from just mining asteroids! (But those asteroids do need to be mined. We can’t stress enough how dearly you need to mine those asteroids.)

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