Hearthstone’s Murder at Castle Nathria expansion brings a murder mystery and new card types on August 2


Hearthstone is once again playing around with the lore and setting it’s based on, though considering this all takes place in the Shadowlands – a location that arguably doesn’t really have a particularly strong story – perhaps fans won’t mind. Especially when there’s a Murder at Castle Nathria to solve on Tuesday, August 2nd.

As the expansion’s title suggests, there’s a murder mystery to solve involving the death of Sire Denathrius, who was discovered dead at a dinner party with 10 of his most hated enemies in attendance. These foes are represented by 10 new Legendary Suspect minion cards – one for each class – that players will have to narrow down to find the killer. The expansion will also introduce the Location card type that can be put on the field and tapped to apply buffs (so long as it has enough durability), and will add the Infuse keyword that lets players use Anima to power up certain cards.

The groundwork for the expansion’s arrival is being laid with the game’s latest update, which opens up pre-purchase of the expansion, grants a Prince Renethal legendary minion card to everyone for logging in, and otherwise makes changes to Battlegrounds and Mercenaries cards.

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