Lineage II kicks off watermelon celebrations in all of its various incarnations


We know what you might be thinking. “Sure, I’m looking forward to summer events in Lineage II,” you think, “but what if my preferred event isn’t coming to my preferred version of the game?” If that’s been on your list of worries, you can take heart that all three incarnations of the title are getting the same watermelon-filled festivities from today until July 27th. Fun for everyone, assuming everyone doesn’t suffer from cucurbitaceaeophobia. (If you do, sorry, this post is going to get worse before it gets better. And it’s never going to get better.)

That doesn’t mean the actual event is the same across all versions, of course. While all three incarnations (Lineage II, Lineage II: Aden, and Lineage II: Classic) involve the same routine of getting watermelon seeds, spawning watermelons, and beating up those watermelons for buffs and rewards, the exact methods of spawning and acquiring rewards varies based on your preferred version. So you should catch up on the details on the official site. Just get ready to be covered in watermelon goop no matter what. Goop, as we all know, is the official term.

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