Lord of the Rings Online makes its monster PvP free for all players


Ever fancy taking a break from saving Middle-earth to conquering it? Everyone soon will get that chance in Lord of the Rings Online, as SSG is preparing to make its PvP game free for all. Allan “Orion” Maki, who was re-hired by the studio back in April, finally released an anticipated report on what the team is doing to shape up the long-neglected PvMP system.

While admitting that the PvMP zone of the Ettenmoors “occupies a niche role” in the MMO, Orion said that the team wants to make changes to “give it every opportunity to thrive.” This means that monster play is no longer a pay-gated feature; all PvMP classes are now available to everyone.

On top of that, SSG is updating the monster player classes, giving additional incentive to playing them, removing “heal tagging” as a strategy, and “reimagining” how the audacity stat works.

“The Ettenmoors is changing, and we hope for the better! What I am really hoping for is a reinvigorated experience that drives players and monster players into conflict more often. If we get the fun right and players return to the Ettenmoors more often then we will have moved beyond the crossroads and have a clear path toward the future,” Orion wrote.

Source: LOTRO
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