Black Desert PC adds tier 5 pets, new instruments, and improvements to blacksmith functions


This week in Black Desert on PC, players are getting another mixed bag kind of update, with buffer pets, easier to use blacksmith features, and some new musical noises to make among other things.

Top of the list is the ability to train pets to tier 5 and assign one such tier 5 pet as an Alpha Pet, which will grant that Alpha a new talent level and allow all nearby pets to collect loot faster thanks to the Pack Leader skill. As one might expect, getting pets from tier 4 to tier 5 is a process, which the patch notes outline further.

Tired of selecting individual items to be repaired or have their appearance extracted? This patch now has a handy-dandy single buttons for both functions, and will allow players the option to lock outfit or costume appearances in their inventory to prevent those items from being extracted. Armor vendors also provide extraction services as well.

Finally, musically minded players have some new choices including a new contrabass instrument, a new bass guitar instrument, and several new sounds for the keyboard instrument. The update otherwise adds another series of class balance tweaks, changes to the Arena of Solare, and a new Heart of Kutum item that can be used to upgrade sub-weapons.

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