Fractured Online balances buffs and bolsters bosses in latest beta patch


Dynamight’s Fractured Online continues to plug along in closed beta this summer, and it’s pushed out yet another patch for testers as of today. Most notably, the patch revamps Aerhen legends, which aren’t fully explained in the blog post, but the gist is that they’re epic bosses that players have to summon to fight, and now they won’t be such a pain in the butt.

“The requirements to summon all legends have been massively tweaked. In a nutshell, summoning a legend no longer requires flawless gems, but only reagents found in the area where the altar is located. Moreover, the number of different reagents required is no longer always 3, but ranges from 3 to 6, and their quantity has been rebalanced due to the changes in reagent rarity that went live with the Beta. Only players with a Neutral alignment can summon and gain loot rights from Legends. This change is actually a bug fix. Monsters summoned by the Legend Altar (aka legend minions) no longer give loot and knowledge points. A message is now broadcast on the global chat when the summoning of a Legend begins. A message when the Legend is killed will also appear, as before.”

The beta patch also adds seven new such bosses of varying difficulties, tweaks city permissions and the burning debuff, adds cooldowns for spells after swapping gear, adjusts monster health, puts an end to crafting mastery cheesing, and injects a crapton of balance changes for buffs and debuffs.

Source: Patch notes
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