Gaijin opens summer closed beta signups for ‘aquatic adventure MMO’ Age of Water


Remember way back in 2020 – I know, I’m sorry to make you do this – when Gaijin took the wraps off a new PC MMO called Age of Water? MOP’s Chris lovingly referred to it as “Moist Crossout,” which was crude but fair, as the game centered on customizing boats, fighting pirates and merchant vessels, and exploring the open world.

Well, time to raise the sails of your hype boat once again, as today Gaijin and developer Three Whales Studio announced they’re taking signups for the game’s closed beta, which is expected this summer.

“Age of Water takes place on a water covered Earth. Survivors live on the roofs of high-rise buildings and on the tops of other man-made islands and natural objects. Players freely roam the boundless open sea world in a motorboat or small ship, recruiting new crew members, upgrading equipment and weapons, fighting or trading, completing quests, and uncovering the mysteries of the Age of Water.

“Dozens of hulls and hundreds of parts are available, from which players can assemble anything ranging from a small boat to a hefty 30 meters long vessel. Players can equip it with gear, armor, and weapons. Recruiting team members to build a crew, man the guns and cannons, complete other vital tasks is equally as important. Players can establish their own strategic naval case to hideout from enemies, to organize production, and get ready to explore the vast open sea.

“Beware, enemies and pirates are everywhere waiting to attack and pillage. Battles can end in destruction or watercrafts can be captured in battle. In addition, it’s possible to meet other players, interact with them, invite them to the team or help with the quest. But far from safe zones, players can also attack others. In Age of Water, everyone decides what their role will be – a peaceful traveler or a bloodthirsty pirate.”

Looks like Sea of Thieves and the upcoming Skull & Bones might have some fresh challengers, eh? Incidentally, they’re calling it an “aquatic adventure MMO,” so I think we’ve got a fresh acronym – AAMMO – to add to the pile.

Source: Press release, official site
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