LOTRO starts testing the Elladan and Elrohir patch, now with free monster play


Elrond babies, they’ll make their dreams come true! Elrond babies, they’ll do the same for you… now in Lord of the Rings Online’s Update 33.1, which can be found on the Bullroarer test server.

Standing Stone Games began testing LOTRO’s July patch this week, offering players a first glimpse at the new “Further Adventures of Elladan and Elrohir” story. The update also modifies the MMO to allow free monster play PvP to anyone level 2 or higher.

And perhaps the most surprising news is another radical pass at the relatively new Brawler class, which is being reconfigured to become an “offensive support tank.”

“Brawler tanking has had some significant issues, and we have wanted to build a more distinct role for them as tanks in comparison with their fellows,” the studio said. “We’ve decided to focus the Brawler’s role towards being an offensive support tank. This doesn’t mean they are a DPS-Tank hybrid — they are not focused on personal damage to the detriment of their own defense. Rather their personal defense is intended to remain quite strong, but their buffs now focus on their ability to improve the group’s damage output more than any other tank, in particular to open up major burst windows against bosses or adds that need to be eliminated as quickly as possible.”

Source: LOTRO
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