Ashes of Creation grants a video update of alpha two’s updated melee combat


For those who tuned in to the latest livestream out of Ashes of Creation, there was a pretty sizeable preview on offer: a look at melee combat updates that are coming down the pike for the PvP MMORPG’s alpha two test.

The preview offered a look at both twin dagger attacks and two-handed sword attacks, with an emphasis on how the weight of each weapon has an effect on character agency and how melee attacks now allow for less rooting and more WASD movement. The stream further discussed other combat-related matters like zoom distance, combat animations, and balancing of the weapons classes are allowed to wield. There’s also the usual character art segments and a player Q&A.

The full stream can be seen below, while the melee combat preview has been individually uploaded and can be found just under that.

sources: Twitch, YouTube
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