Star Wars The Old Republic makes updates to R-4 Anomaly bosses and outlines July’s events


Testing for the upcoming R-4 Anomaly operation and Manaan daily area heading for Star Wars: The Old Republic has been happening since June – that’s not exactly news. There’s been some progress on that testing front recently, as the latest set of PTR patch notes illustrates.

As of right now, the testing is focusing on tweaking the operation’s final boss, with increased health for both normal and veteran modes, an increase in the Attractor’s health, ramped up damage for the final boss, and the inability for theAttractor to be interrupted (for real this time). There have also been updates to two of the bosses of the encounter as well, which are outlined in the aforementioned update notes.

Meanwhile, SWTOR has released July’s events calendar, with this month bringing recurring events like Relics of the Gree, Pirate Incursion, and the Bounty Contract Week. The link offers up the usual collection of dates, times, and details for all that this month is bringing to the galaxy far, far away.

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