Champions Online brings back Patriot’s Celebration and puts classic cosmetics into a limited-time lockbox

I'm not him! I don't even look like him!

Looking to dress up like a robot in Champions Online? Or maybe you’re hoping to find some older cosmetic goodies that were long forgotten? Or maybe you want to celebrate Canada Day or the US Independence Day? All three of those things are possible in the game’s latest update.

In terms of playable content, the Patriot’s Celebration is back between now and July 15th, offering players a chance at some new thematic cosmetics as they take on the Red Winter Alert, while the update’s other big feature is a limited-time “trade paperback” lockbox available for 5,000 of the earnable Questionite currency that contains one of five vouchers, which are then turned in for a chance at a variety of old and previously unavailable cosmetics depending on what voucher is found.

Otherwise, the patch has introduced a cash shop lockbox full of mech-themed cosmetics and general gameplay tweaks. That doesn’t sound like much on paper, but reactions to the update have been generally upbeat, especially in regards to the mech lockbox, which is earning rave reviews overall from players, surprisingly enough. Go figure.

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