Fallout 76 tests new Pitt mission, keeps swatting at a giant mothman


With the Pitt expedition coming to Fallout 76 this fall, a whole lot of testing (and tetanus shots, perhaps) needs to happen to ensure a smooth rollout. And in fact, the expedition’s second mission, From Ashes to Fire, began to make the rounds on the public test server this past week.

“In addition, our previous update for the PTS brought improvements and fixes based on community feedback and bug reports, greatly increased legendary scrip and vault steel counts in the Purveyor’s inventory, and added legendary exchange and gold press machines to the Whitespring Resort,” said Bethesda.

Also happening this weekend is a double mutation event through noon on July 4th and the ongoing Mothman Equinox scuffle (which concludes on the 12th). The studio also promoted its Season 9 reward track with a new trailer:

Source: Fallout 76
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