Pantheon Rise of the Fallen plans about 15 dungeons for launch


If you’ve got future plans to plumbs the depths of Pantheon and search through every forbidden cavern in its wilds, you are really going to want to pay careful attention to the June’s developer roundtable from Visionary Realms.

That’s because the subject is dungeons, dungeons, and even more dungeons — a full hour-plus of questions and answers on how Pantheon will set up its dangerous delves. Some of the topics include dungeon density, rare loot, points of no return, underwater dungeons, low-level adventures, camping spots, and entrance requirements.

Visionary Realms said that it is roughly planning about 15 dungeons for launch, although that number may increase or decrease during development. It’s also targeting a two-hour time period to accomplish something meaningful in the game, and dungeons are essentially being designed with that in mind. “That time frame, we’re very serious about that,” the studio said.

Source: YouTube. This article was edited after publication to clarify what the two-hour window is meant to encompass.
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