Pirate101 introduces rotating weekly events, Wizard101 applies a patch full of fixes

How are you this way.

When you’re told to do something by a bulldog admiral by the name of Reginald P. Jowlsley, you darn well better do it. Taking orders from this sea dog is just what players of Pirate101 are doing in the most recent update to the MMO, which now has a rotating set of weekly events that players can take on.

There are a total of four events that are part of this rotation, each with a daily quest given by the aforementioned NPC that awards a key specific to that week’s event. Players then use this key at a nearby portal in order to start a boss fight, the level of which sits in one of six brackets that’s determined by the level of the person who uses the key. Rewards for clearing these boss fights include new weapons, new powers, and a Crow’s Wings mount.

Meanwhile, Wizard101’s most recent patch is mostly about fixing things, addressing problems with Beastmoon crafting stations, certain combat encounters and spellments, and UI-related matters.

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