Redfall talks about what makes it stand out from other co-op FPS experiences

And it's not just the vampires, supposedly


If you’ve played one team-based co-op FPS title, you’ve played ’em all, right? Probably, and while Redfall certainly looks like it’s wearing its whole deal on its sleeve, a dev blog/hype post from publisher Bethesda is hoping to point out what makes this one different.

Naturally, one difference is Redfall has vampires, but even these neck nibblers are unlike the “aspirational fantasy” that players might expect; the vamps in this shooter utilize psychic powers and have isolated the island the game takes place on to the point that they have little to fear. Other enemies like cultists are also something players will have to face off against.

Another ballyhooed feature is the fact that Redfall can be a “stealth-enabling shooter,” with stealth tactics that let players find an advantageous position, get a drop on a foe, or avoid conflict altogether. The preview post otherwise talks up a wide variety of weapons to find and customize, the four characters players can control, and the design of the game’s open world.

sources: press release, Bethesda site
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