The Cycle Frontier discusses power progression and weapon adjustments in new video


The Cycle: Frontier is going to trudge through the long slog of balance. That’s the very condensed statement from a recent video with the devs, which discusses some of the plans the team has in terms of power progression and adjustments for weapons and armor.

On a broad scale, the devs are trying to find a middle ground between better equipment having a noticeable impact on the feeling of power and making sure players with lesser tier gear can still be competitive. The devs note that they think they’re getting close to this butter zone, with adjustments planned to increase the power of weapons and armor to increase that disparity just a little bit more. The devs further point out that someone playing “smart” should still be able to fight someone with better kit.

The video then goes into individual weapon type adjustments, which include some buffs to SMGs, a nerfing to lower tier shotguns, and plans to address grenade spamming. The video also talks about weapon costs and how data is used to handle balance matters.

source: YouTube
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