Elder Scrolls Online announces Lost Depths DLC and update 35 for August 22

Elder Scrolls Online’s release cadence runs like clockwork, and we don’t mean Clockwork City, so you had to know the new DLC was already on the near horizon. Indeed, ZeniMax Online Studios abruptly took the wraps off the new content this morning: The next DLC is called Lost Depths, and it’s launching August 22nd.

“We are thrilled to announce The Elder Scrolls Online: Lost Depths, coming to PC/Mac, Steam, and Stadia on August 22, 2022, and Xbox and PlayStation consoles on September 6, 2022. As part of 2022’s Legacy of the Bretons year-long adventure, this dungeon DLC pack brings two new four-player dungeons to challenge you and your allies that build upon and expand the saga that began with the Ascending Tide DLC and continued with the recent High Isle Chapter.”

The dungeons are the Earthen Root Enclave and the Graven Deep; the former sees players freeing a druid shrine, while the latter focuses on a spooky ship graveyard. For players who aren’t into the dungeon content, there’s the basegame update 35.

“This update includes balance changes, fixes, and new features, including changes to the combat system, the introduction of bonus mini-events for Battlegrounds (for example, a weekend that grants bonus Alliance Points), and broad improvements to XP gains in PvP in general,” the studio says.

Expect it all on the PTS on Monday, July 11th.

Update roadmap too:

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