EVE Online takes a closer look at June’s visual and performance overhauls in a dev blog


Sure, EVE Online players have already been experiencing the visual improvements made in June’s patch, but have they truly appreciated all of the fine details, or are they just more focused on blowing each other to space dust? Presumably the latter as the devs at CCP Games have put out a dev blog outlining all of the visual and performance tweaks made in June.

The post takes great pains to detail a number of audio and visual improvements like the integration of DirectX 12 and its related rendering upgrades, improvements to LOD, shiny new high-resolution nebulae, changes and improvements to sound, better texture compression, and the return of cloud effects.

On the performance side, the post talks up new tools to help the devs trace bugs and find performance bottlenecks faster, while the promise of server infrastructure improvements are on the horizon, with more details to come at a later date.

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