Final Fantasy XIV nightclub advertises a gathering on real-world billboard oblivious to terms like ‘copyright’ and ‘trademark’

In related news, Square-Enix lawyers wake up with a sense of purpose and fulfillment

Tataru and her muffin adventure.

Sometimes all of us make poor choices, decisions that seemed like good ideas at the time but are later revealed to have been made based on poor understanding or incomplete information. Hopefully, these choices are of relatively limited impact or scope. And then sometimes you take out a billboard to advertise your nightclub in Final Fantasy XIV using the game’s logo and even official hashtags, thereby putting a whole lot of player communities in the crosshairs along with yourself and your own community.

Among the poor choices here (aside from the basic premise of “buying a real-life billboard to advertise your in-game event”) are the inclusion of in-game information to identify the housing plot used as well as the Free Company, identifying said company as a Discord community that publicly advertises ERP, and the billboard featuring modified character models and posing. So in one fell swoop the billboards have managed to attract the ire of several groups of players who have long operated in part by agreeing to not make things explicit to avoid Square-Enix’s intervention and the possibility of legal action, helped substantially by tagging the studio directly. On the plus side, at least it did attract attention?

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