Last Oasis’ creator admits the game ‘sucks’ while talking up the Season 5 beta that’s launching today


Last Oasis Sucks.” That’s the title of the game’s own dev blog, as written by the survivalbox’s own creator – a direct admission that the game didn’t hit the notes he wanted when it made its early access debut in March 2020. However, dwelling on the reasons why doesn’t appear to be on the mind of the team, and instead pressing forward and improving the game wholesale is the focus.

“[W]hile each season got rid of tons of problems, there was always that one fundamental issue remaining: I, personally, am not having fun when playing Last Oasis for long.

“After Season 4 it finally hit me. I’ve been on a wild goose chase. I’ve been trying to chase down the reason why players don’t have fun in LO. This is a fruitless exercise until I can answer why I am not having fun. Suddenly, the question was no longer ‘What can I do to fix LO,’ The question became “If I were to make LO from scratch, what would I do.'” And the answer to that question is Season 5.

This so-called “LOverhaul,” which the devs have been talking about for a while, is set to open its beta branch today at 2:00 p.m. EDT, with a stronger focus on “brutal” PvE as the game will effectively drop all tutorials and hand-holding. The post notes that this will make Last Oasis a game that’s not for everyone but also admits that’s OK.

The initial Season 5 beta will run for two days, with the devs asking players to submit feedback about if it feels tough (but not too tough), rewarding, fair, and most importantly fun. Instructions on joining in are detailed in the post.

source: Steam
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