Old School Runescape adds Group Ironman unranking and tweaks Giants’ Foundry, preps Arena soft launch


Looking to join in on the more relaxed unranked version of Group Ironman in Old School RuneScape but you’re already in a regular Ironman game? As of this week’s patch, you’ve got options as the game will now let players become unranked at will.

This choice is done by speaking with an NPC at Lumbridge and will allow players a seven day grace period to change their minds and move back to regular Group Ironman if they wish. Switching to unranked confers a couple of cosmetic benefits like a unique green chat color and a set of cosmetics.

Other features of this patch include another round of tweaks to the Giants’ Foundry including the ability for earned coins to be banked, a display in chat of how many swords players have crafted, and a more even distribution of the “sweet spots” mechanic. The update has also adjusted pet reclaiming and calls attention to continuing Pride Month cosmetics that players can still earn.

For the PvP player, an update due tomorrow, July 6th, might be of interest to you, as the game plans to soft launch the PvP Arena that Jagex has been testing and tweaking for a while now. This effectively operates like an open beta test, introducing players to various aspects of the arena including Tournaments, gear loadouts, and more ahead of its full launch next week.

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