Phantasy Star Online 2 celebrates 10 years since its Japanese launch


While Phantasy Star Online 2 is still just a baby here to us westerners, the truth is that SEGA’s MMORPG was out a long time before it ever made it over here. In fact, the title is celebrating its 10th anniversary since PSO2’s launch in Japan back in 2012.

“We, the development and live operations teams, have been through joy and sorrow, met and parted ways with many people, and experienced success and failure alike,” the studio wrote. “We are very happy and honored to have finally reached this 10-year mark.”

Phantasy Star Online 2 players are being treated to a few free goodies, such as SG scratch tickets, an unlimited use of a portion of the salon, and free manga memory. For more celebrations, check out the official 10th Anniversary Project page.

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