Wakfu will rewrite its story in the New Horizons update as a bug forces a server rollback


Reliving the past is something that players of Wakfu are going to be doing in both the good and bad sense. We’ll start with the good news, as the game is releasing its New Horizons update that promises to “rewrite the epic tale [players] know and love.”

This update, which has arrived as of this afternoon, will bring players back to the world of Twelve with classic dungeons that feature a new format and difficulty, a set of new achievements to earn, and rewards that will let players “take home bygone memories and habits of the past.”

Unfortunately, players are being forced to relive the past thanks to a needed server rollback to a point back at 6:00 a.m. EDT due to a problem with boosters and auras. Ankama has said that it’ll provide compensation for the issues.

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