Aion EU swaps out PvP battlefields for the Hero Battle system and adds a button that grants a level 80 toon


How do you answer the problem of balance in PvP instances? If you’re the EU version of Aion, you effectively remove player-built characters out of the equation. That’s what the Hero Battle system is doing in the game’s 8.3 update, which replaces most PvP arenas and battlefields with a system that lets players choose from pre-made heroes to fight it out in one of two special battle venues: one an eight-player FFA brawl and the other a 3v3v3 team battle.

Another major feature of this patch is the Sprint Character option, which will let players simply hit a button at the character select screen to get an instant level 80 Daeva complete with appropriate gear. This feature is only available once per account, however, so players had better be sure they like the class they’re choosing!

The patch additionally adds several content updates to Aphsaranta, including an attendance registration card that grants prizes for visiting the area, a new world raid, and the addition of a treasure hunt to Lake Pledge.

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