Lord of the Rings Online now lets you take level 20 characters into its PvP zone


The second round of testing for Lord of the Rings Online’s Update 33.1 is on the Bullroarer server this week, and all eyes have turned to the monster play portion for the big changes.

In addition to expanding monster play as a free feature for all players, this build allows level 20 characters to enter into the Ettenmoors, at which point they will be boosted to 140 for the duration. “Though you will be buffed to level 140 your experiences will likely be diminished compared to a fully fleshed out true 140 level character,” the studio explained.

There are also audacity adjustments being tested, which particularly impacts the resistance against crowd control effects.

SSG’s Orion, who’s been spearheading the PvMP revamp, will be taking to Twitch tomorrow afternoon to talk about the changes and taking Q&As about other systems in the game.

Source: LOTRO
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