Mortal Online 2’s ‘Project Polish’ will focus on bug squashing and gameplay improvements


If you look through the Steam reviews currently available for Mortal Online 2, it’s pretty easy to assume that the game has a lot of things that need to be corrected and addressed. That brings us to a roadmap update from the devs, which confirms that fixing the game is going to be the watchword as part of the catch-all “Project Polish” initiative.

The post opens with an admittance that getting content releases out as fast as possible ended up hurting the sandbox MMO, as features arrived unfinished, unpolished, and with myriad bugs. Therefore, future updates will eschew new features in favor of improving existing ones, fixing bugs, refining things like the tutorial and starter zone, and ultimately repairing and shoring up the game.

Meanwhile, the game’s next update scheduled to arrive soon will introduce the Necromancy magic school. However, don’t expect anything new to arrive after that patch as developer Star Vault changes gears in terms of development focus.

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