Blade and Soul’s Warden class gets a fire sword specialization


If you are already carrying around a sword large enough to cleave a building in twain, you might as well go whole-hog and light that weapon on fire. We presume this is the thought process that went into Blade and Soul’s newest class specialization, which gives the Wardens a fiery greatsword with which to play.

“With the Way of the Inferno, Wardens can now engulf their giant sword in flames to deal massive damage and unleash explosive effects,” said NCsoft, which went on to note that this week’s update also comes with a new “Altar of the Infinite” dungeon to conquer.

Blade and Soul is also hosting several events this month with the returning Fortune Falls, a Fishing for Rewards activity, an Altar of Rewards event surrounding the aforementioned dungeon, and an Infinite Quest event: “Completing more daily quests during that period will reward you with extra rewards. You can use multiple characters to increase your completion count, but the rewards will be distributed only once per account.”

Source: Blade and Soul, 2
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