Guild Wars 2 releases a guide to the basic mounts players can ride across Tyria


Guild Wars 2 has mounts. That’s not exactly news to regular players of the game, especially since the feature has been in the MMORPG since 2017’s Path of Fire expansion. Still, for those who are maybe taking their first steps into the world of Tyria, there’s a new introductory post all about mounts.

As one might expect, the post breaks down the four different standard mount types, outlining how they’re unlocked including what expansions need to be bought to get them, noting how many Mastery Points are needed to fully unlock their skills, and extolling the benefits of each mount. It also talks about mount-specific features such as each one’s unique movement abilities and the variety of cosmetics that can change their appearances.

This post is the first in a two-part series, with the next part talking about how to unlock some of the more exotic mounts like the griffon, roller beetle, and skyscale. In the meantime, neophytes to the game might be interested in reading up about these various forms of animal-based transportation.

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