Modders are making Morrowind and Skyrim into multiplayer co-op titles


We all know that The Elder Scrolls Online is a thing – one that very happily celebrates both Morrowind and Skyrim with some excellent chapter updates – but there’s something to be said for the more intimate and nostalgic nature of playing those original RPGs together with friends. Thanks to the modding community, those dreams are becoming a reality for both titles.

For those who want to experience Morrowind with co-op multiplayer, there’s the combination of OpenMW and TES3MP, which work together to let players enjoy the game together in an experience that has gotten at least one extremely effusive review:

“Playing Morrowind in multiplayer scratches an itch I’ve had ever since I first got off the boat in Seyda Neen and explored the surrounding swamps, some 20-odd years ago. […] There’s a rustic kind of charm to all this, and beyond that it shows the potential of co-op within the Bethesda RPG framework.”

Meanwhile, fans of Skyrim can take heart in learning that game’s multiplayer mod, Skyrim Together Reborn, is looking at a release date of Friday, July 8th. The post offers a link to a wiki with installation instructions while also warning that there are likely going to be bugs and broken quests. Preview videos for both mods are available below.

sources: OpenMW, TES3MP, and Reddit via VG247 (1, 2)
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