Swords of Legends Online’s next raid is full of horrifying demons

We should probably run away?


Hot on the heels of last week’s update, Swords of Legends Online has previewed its next raid: Demon Battlefield. This 10-to-20-person raid asks players to enter the demon-ruled Tianlu City and try not to die doing it.

“Brave immortals who venture through the demon-infested wilderness will eventually cross paths with the Dark Plume Demon. This curious beast is the highest among the flying demons who once ruled the skies over Demonbones. Now, under the scheming influence of the biyouji, it has infiltrated the Realm of Light, bringing death and destruction in its wake. […] Warriors who find themselves confronting Mistblade Demons have a difficult task ahead of them. These mutated Shades are incredibly strong and extremely wily in combat. They like to lie in ambush in the shadows of other demons, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.”

At launch, the raid will be offered in easy and normal mode, though Gameforge says it’ll add higher difficulties “later.” There’s no date for the launch just yet.

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