The Division Resurgence is announced as a new title for mobile platforms

Slow walk onto the stage, and...

Want to be able to have all of the city-reclaiming goon-shooting fun of The Division with you on the road? Ubisoft is ready to sell you precisely that with the announcement of the new mobile title The Division Resurgence. Rather than simply repackaging either game into a mobile form, Ubisoft promises that this is an entirely new story that dies into the canon of the existing games, with the trailer strongly suggesting that it keeps players up-to-date with the new happenings in New York City following the events of the first game.

As for gameplay, players can expect all of the running and gunning found on the main series titles to be present, along with collecting and upgrading gear to unlock new specializations and options. There will definitely be co-op opportunities as well, although you probably guessed that just from the franchise alone. A specific release window was not provided, though, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for some as-yet-indeterminate point in the near future.

Source: VG24/7
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