Art gallery MMO Occupy White Walls officially leaves early access on Steam


To say that Occupy White Walls is one of the more unique games we’ve been covering is something of an understatement; after all, there’s not a large number of MMOs that effectively let players create art galleries and curate artwork. Now, after just under four years in early access on Steam, this distinct bit of multiplayer gaming is heading to full release today, July 8th.

“Co-developed by KULTURA Ex Machina and its community, Occupy White Walls is an immersive free-to-play MMO, leaving Early Access with 90,000 players and more than 102,000 digital art galleries. […] Deliberately relaxed and welcoming by design, Occupy White Walls is played by a huge variety of people, attracting both new-to-the art scene traditional gamers and new-to-the gaming scene art lovers alike.”

The announcement of the release date further talks up its DAISY AI tech that lets players find art they love and grant artists a platform to exposure they likely couldn’t get in any other way, as well as the dev studio’s vision to make art more accessible. We do point out the Open update that added direct artist uploads at a cost was something of a flashpoint in the year it arrived, causing some discussion about the ethics behind the feature.

If you’re curious about what this one has to offer, we’ll be going live with a first-time look at the launch edition of the game today at 2:00 p.m. EDT on OPTV.

source: press release
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