Whatever happened to Islet Online?


Back in February 2019, we were pulled in the direction of Islet Online, a cutesy and colorful blocky sandbox MMO from Korea that made its way to the west, with building reminiscent of Trove or Minecraft plus Ultima Online-like sandbox features, all done up in a more playful overall vibe.

Since the game’s launch, it’s been keeping itself updated pretty frequently, though most of the updates primarily involve adding things to the cash shop or launching events, the most recent of which marks the game’s arrival to Taiwan.

Taking the game’s current temperature, we find reviews on Steam sit at “Mostly Positive,” though a number of players call attention to the aforementioned cash shop as well as a bad combat model and repetitive gameplay. The game has otherwise not exactly caught on fire, with just 135 players at peak and 15 players online at the time of this writing.

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