Pearl Abyss will shutter ‘inadequate’ battle royale Shadow Arena in August


In the end, the last one standing in a battle royale is the one who has to turn out the lights. Or something.

Pearl Abyss announced that it was officially giving up on Shadow Arena, a two-year-old PvP spinoff from Black Desert that was fighting an uphill battle to be noticed ever since coming onto the scene. We observed the battle royale’s dropping numbers over the past few years, so this move comes as no surprise.

“Despite our efforts to introduce various elements to the game, we thought that Shadow Arena in its current state was inadequate in offering a unique experience,” the studio said. “With deep consideration, we regret to inform you that the service of Shadow Arena will be terminated.”

The closure has already begun, as players can no longer download the game. However, the official end will come on August 10th. Pearl Abyss reduced the price of all shop items to a trifle while increasing the rewards for the final battle pass. Players have until August 10th to put in requests for any Steam refunds they hope to get.

Source: Steam via MMO Fallout
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