Last Oasis explains design decisions for Season 5 while asking for more player feedback in a poll


Last week saw the woodpunk survival sandbox Last Oasis hold its first beta test for Season 5 – the update that’s intended to make the game more fun and not suck, in the creator’s own words. Now that the two day-long beta test is over, the devs are digesting some of the initial feedback and explaining some of the new design decisions it the latest update post.

“My inbox seems about 50:50 split between love for the new direction and, well, less friendly words,” opens the dev blog, while the rest of the post discusses the increased importance of getting water, the changing role of the walker and the decision to create a separate permanent base, and the choice to make PvE encounters deadlier than before. In all three cases, risk management is an emphasis, and to make going outside of a base a truly dangerous but necessary proposition, ultimately coming back with more than players left with.

The end of the post has a link to a poll with a single question: Do players like the new direction or not? The question has six different answers, and at the moment poll results illustrate three primary responses getting a somewhat even spread.

source: Steam
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